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FIN 911 - Venues

You can now find the venues for the course FIN911 under Teaching / PhD Program / FIN911.[more]


Orientation Lecture

On Monday September 1, Prof. Ruenzi will give an overview over the course program offered in place of the first lecture of Derivatives I (12:00 -13:30 in O142, slides can be found under Teaching / Master Program).[more]


FIN 580, 2nd exam date - post-exam review

The post-exam review of the FIN 580 (Derivatives I) exam of the second exam date will take place on Monday, 24th of February from 7.00 to 8.00 pm in the evening in L9, 1-2, room 409. If you would like to participate in the exam...[more]


Exam in FIN 580 Derivatives I

Exam The Exam in Derivatives I will take place on Tuesday, 5th of November 2013 from 7:00-8:00 p.m. [19:00-20:00Uhr] in SN 163 and SN 169.[more]


FIN 580 Derivatives I: Sessions Overview [21.10-29.10.2013]

Sessions on Monday 21.10. - Tuesday 22.10., 2013: Exercise Sessions (Problem Set 6, Options 1): Monday, 13:45-15:15 in O142 Tuesday, 8:30-10:30 in O148 No Lecture will take place Sessions on Monday 28.10. - Tuesday 29.10.,...[more]


FIN 682, 2nd exam date - post-exam review

The exam (FIN 682, 2nd exam date) is graded. In order to get an appointment for post-exam review, please write an e-mail to ungeheuer[at] before 10/4/2013.[more]