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Carina Leonhardt received award for her master thesis

We are glad to announce that one of our former students has been awarded by the "Stiftung Kommunikations- und Medienwissenschaften". Carina Leonhardt won this prize for her master thesis "How Does the Media Report...[more]


City Wire reports on research by Ruenzi

City Wire covers the research paper "Sex Matters - Gender Bias in the Mutual Fund Industry" (joint with Alexandra Niessen-Ruenzi) in an article from June 1, 2016. Read the full article here. [more]


Michael Kandziora and Franz Hinzen received awards for their theses

We are glad to announce that two of our former students have been awarded prizes by the DZ BANK Group. Michael Kandziora received the second prize for the best master thesis “Improving credit card decisions by fostering...[more]


Handelszeitung reports on research by Ruenzi

The Swiss Handelszeitung covers the research paper „Sex Matters – Gender Bias in the Mutual Fund Industry“ (joint with Alexandra Niessen-Ruenzi) in its April 10 issue. Read the full article here.[more]


Paper conditionally accepted by Review of Finance

The paper „The Impact of Financial Advice on Trade Performance and Behavioral Biases“ by Stefan Ruenzi (joint with Daniel Hoechle, Nic Schaub, and Markus Schmid) has been conditionally accepted of publication...[more]


Wall Street Journal covers research by Ruenzi

On February 29, the Wall Street Journal published an article referring to the paper „CEO Ownership, Stock Market Performance, and Managerial Discretion“. The press article can be found here and the study by Ruenzi that the...[more]