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Handelszeitung reports on research by Ruenzi

The Swiss Handelszeitung covers the research paper „Sex Matters – Gender Bias in the Mutual Fund Industry“ (joint with Alexandra Niessen-Ruenzi) in its April 10 issue. Read the full article here.[more]


Paper conditionally accepted by Review of Finance

The paper „The Impact of Financial Advice on Trade Performance and Behavioral Biases“ by Stefan Ruenzi (joint with Daniel Hoechle, Nic Schaub, and Markus Schmid) has been conditionally accepted of publication...[more]


Wall Street Journal covers research by Ruenzi

On February 29, the Wall Street Journal published an article referring to the paper „CEO Ownership, Stock Market Performance, and Managerial Discretion“. The press article can be found here and the study by Ruenzi that the...[more]


Paper accepted by Journal of Financial Economics

The paper "The Impact of Firm Prestige on Executive Compensation" by Florens Focke (joint with Ernst Maug and Alexandra Niessen-Ruenzi) has been accepted for publication by the Journal of Financial Economics.[more]


Virtual Fair for the Mannheim Master in Management

The University of Mannheim, Business School offers a Virtual Fair for students interested in the Master in Management program on March 17. Due to the international focus of the Business School, the entire fair will be...[more]


New York Times covers research by Ruenzi

On November 24, 2015, The New York Times published an article covering the paper "Status Quo Bias and the Number of Alternatives: An Empirical Illustration from the Mutual Fund Industry” on its webpage. The press article can...[more]