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Best Paper Award for “Financial Advice and Bank Profits” by Stefan Ruenzi

Stefan Ruenzi received the Engelbert Dockner Memorial Prize for the best paper presented at the 2017 WU Gutmann Center Symposium for the paper “Financial Advice and Bank Profits” (joint with Daniel Hoechle, Nic Schaub, and Markus...[more]


Best Paper Award for "Surprise in Short Interest" by P. Lesnevski and E. Smajlbegovic

For their paper "Surprise in Short Interest" Pavel Lesnevski and Esad Smajlbegovic received the best paper in behavioral finance award at the European Joint Conference 2017 of Academy of Entrepreneurial Finance (Europe)...[more]


Now Hiring Student Assistants

...for the Spring/Summer semester 2017.[more]


The introductory slides for the course FIN 580 - Derivatives I

The introductory slides for the course FIN 580 - Derivatives I are available at the course page.[more]


Paper accepted by Journal of Financial Economics

The paper "Tail Risk in Hedge Funds: A Unique View from Portfolio Holdings" by Vikas Agarwal, Stefan Ruenzi, and Florian Weigert has been accepted for publication by the Journal of Financial Economics.[more]


Papers by Ruenzi and by Hillert and Ungeheuer at EFA Meetings

The papers "Financial Advice and Bank Profits" (by Hoechle, Ruenzi, Schaub, and Schmid) and "Ninety Years of Media Coverage and the Cross-Section of Stock Returns" (by Hillert and Ungeheuer) have been accepted...[more]

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