Welcome to the Chair of International Finance

We offer courses at all levels (Bachelor, Master, MBA, PhD) and conduct research on various aspects of financial markets, with a focus on asset management & mutual funds, empirical asset pricing & liquidity, as well as media & advertising. For details, please see the specific pages on research or teaching.


Selected Publications:

Chabi-Yo F., Ruenzi, S., Weigert F. (2018): Crash Sensitivity and the Cross Section of Expected Stock ReturnsJournal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Volume 53, Issue 3 June 2018 , pp. 1059-1100.

Ruenzi, S. Hoechle, D., Schaub, N., Schmid, M. (2018): Financial Advice and Bank ProfitsReview of Financial Studies (forthcoming).

Niessen-Ruenzi, A.Ruenzi, S. (2018): Sex Matters – Gender Bias in the Mutual Fund IndustryManagement Science (forthcoming).

Agarwal, V., Ruenzi, S., Weigert, F. (2017): Tail Risk in Hedge Funds: A Unique View from Portfolio Holdings, Journal of Financial Economics, Vol. 125 (3), pp. 610-636.

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Koch, A., Ruenzi, S., Starks, L. T. (2016): Commonality in Liquidity: A Demand-Side Explanation, Review of Financial Studies 29 (8), pp. 1943-1974.

von Lilienfeld-Toal, U., Ruenzi, S. (2014): CEO Ownership, Stock Market Performance, and Managerial Discretion, in: Journal of Finance, Vol. 69, pp. 1013-1050.

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Kempf, A., Ruenzi, S. (2008): Tournaments in Mutual-Fund Families, in: Review of Financial Studies, Vol. 21, pp. 1013-1036.


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Department of International Finance

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