Academic Placements

Michael Ungeheuer

Ph.D. in 2017

Placement: Aalto Business School

Thesis: "Essays on Investor Behavior and Financial Markets"

Lena Jaroszek

Ph.D. in 2016

Placement: Copenhagen Business School

Thesis: "Essays in Behavioral Finance"

Alexander Hillert

Ph.D. in 2015

Placement: University of Frankfurt

Thesis: "Essays in Empirical Finance"

Nic Schaub

Ph.D. in 2014

Placement: University of St.Gallen

Thesis: "Three Essays on the Benefits and Costs of Financial Advisors and Data Providers"

Florian Weigert

Ph.D. in 2013

Placement: University of St.Gallen

Thesis: "Crash Aversion and Extreme Dependence Structures in Asset Pricing"

Industry Placements

Florens Focke

Ph.D. in 2016

Placement: Merck (Data Science)

Thesis: "Determinants and consequences of firms' perception by investors, consumers, and executives"

Jieyan Fang

Ph.D. in 2012

Placement: Quoniam Asset Management GmbH, Fixed Income - Credit Strategies, Portfolio Manager

Thesis: "An Analysis of the Mutual Fund Industry: Mutual Fund Investors, Mutual Fund Managers and Mutual Fund Companies"